If you are looking for representation, whether you can sing nasheeds, quran recitation, talks or anything – then talk to us and we may be able to help you out inshallah!

Send us a sample of what you can do and tell us a bit about yourself, the sample does not have to be professional or studio quality, it can be in draft version or something which you have recorded at home!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how representation works

Can you make me famous?

If you are after fame or just want to become famous then unfortunately we are not for you. Our ethos is to keep things as Islamically as possible and not to cross any boundaries, we are not here to make people famous, our objectives is to help, support and to provide a platform for you to promote your material which can be of a benefit to others, in other words keeping it all halal!

Can I use music?

No, any use of music is not permitted. If you are a nasheed artist you will not be permitted to use any music whatsoever in the development of your product, whether string or percussion, also no beatboxing either. Things are better done without Music!

What can you offer me?

We can offer you a competitive royalty from CD Sales. For every CD we sell you get a percentage of the revenue generated, plus we provide the facilities for you to record you material professionally and get it mastered and mixed and get your product on the shelves and market it for you!

I have already recorded my material could i sell the albums through your site

Yes you can please contact us for more information we can sell your physical CD product and also digital downloads as we have the system in place to handle all this!

Great What Do i do next?

If you are interested the contact us, email us at info@safarmedia.com . All Recordings and contracts are done through Safar Media Group Parent of Nasheedchannel.com


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